Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Can Do It Myself! Do I Really Need to Hire Designers?

Imagine a group of construction workers were asked to build an important office building, but they weren’t being supplied with any blueprints. The effect would be disastrous! Not only would they not know the specifications of the building, but there would also be mayhem as the workers each had their own way of working on the construction project. Although it is difficult to estimate the exact Return on Investment or ROI of a particular design campaign, it is possible to show the effects design has on advertising and how those effects do, in fact, change a business’ ROI for the better.

The two biggest problems that many businesses face when deciding on whether or not to spend money on design are:

1) Shortage of Time
2) Lack of Money

No one wants to “throw away money” on something they believe they are capable of themselves. Unlike the medicine or law professions for example, design appears to be something even a regular Joe is capable of. With the ever expanding market of “how to” books being released daily, everything seems well within grasp. So why spend money and “waste time” on hiring a design firm to handle your advertising when you can do it yourself?

A lot goes into design that the how-to books can’t begin to explain. Before the actual design process even begins, a lot of research must be performed. The designers need to know not only information about the business they’ve been hired to design for, but also about the competitors and the market. Other factors play into the designing process as well, including color research and image research. Since humans respond better to colors and images, it is important that the designers choose colors and images that are positive and that are appropriate to the business’ market. Once this process is complete, then the brainstorming process begins. Designers rarely work independently. Discussing ideas with other designers gives the design a fresh look and augments its ability to increase a business’ ROI. A good design firm will keep you, the business, involved throughout the design process. By getting extra information from you about how your business functions and what your clientele is like, designers are able to match their designs to your customer base. The most important aspect is a solid focus on the customer. Giving the customer exactly what they want always shows in your ROI.

Like anything else, setting solid goals is the key to discovering whether or not design will pay off for your business. The effects of design on your ROI are long term and won’t appear over night. It takes time for a brand to embed itself in the minds of your customers and potential customers. This is why having strong goals will help your business discover what is working effectively and what can be replaced. From Coca-Cola’s ™ red cans and labels to the golden arches of McDonald’s ™, solid designs create lasting brands. Take a little extra time and spend a bit of money on something that has the potential to bring in lasting profits and notability to your business. Leave the “do it yourself” mentality to gardening and home renovations.

And if I've managed to sway you, then I'm thrilled and would love to hear from you. Yes, I'll even take your order - toll free: 1.866.816.5646 or email me!


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