Monday, September 29, 2008

Tips and Tricks to get your product some "Face Time"

When you are bombarded with messages everyday, it’s paramount to be able to stand out in a crowd. Consumer brands have struggled with being able to captivate the attention of the public, and as a result marketing efforts have shifted towards getting “in the face” of the buyer.

Face-to-face marketing is more personal and more effective than email, phone calls, and direct mail. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, keep in mind that it’s also more expensive and time-consuming. Pricing aside, let’s look at what makes this marketing concept so effective.

A unique face-to-face marketing campaign can create a personalized brand experience that is engaging, stimulating, and memorable. If the consumer is left feeling good about the brand, chances are they will continue to choose your products over your competitors. Can you say "win-win"?

Starmedia is ready to help you bring your brand to life. Contact us today to show you how to incorporate this medium into your existing campaign.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Starmedia Productions

Starmedia is ready to expertly bring your creative vision to the screen. No matter what the project requires - creative development, video and commercial productions, multimedia projects or corporate event supporting materials - our team will find the right solution in conveying your message accurately, creatively and memorably.

Starmedia Productions is a completely integrated television and film production company that has the background, experience and capacity to research, plan and budget your production from corporate videos, instructional videos, television commercials to television pilots, short films and full length motion pictures.

We are a dynamic consortium of the finest local and international talent under one roof ready to initiate the design, creative concept and structure of your project from story board to post editing.

We develop, brainstorm and come up with the idea, present them to you than once you’re convinced proceed to deal with every detail to make your vision a success.

Creativity, originality, passion and expressing clearly your project in a way that moves the viewer is what we specialize in. Capturing the imagination and leaving a lasting impression is what sets Starmedia Productions apart from the others. Starmedia Productions has the talent and creative resources to meet any challenge head-on.

Let us bring your creative vision to the screen. As a full service production facility we have the talent and technology to deliver first class service on target with your budget whatever it may be. Starmedia Productions is ready to hit the ground running with your project to produce a credible, recognized and professionally accomplished work of art. On budget, on time, every time.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Trade Show Displays and Marketing Materials: the Perfect Opportunity to Showcase Your Products and Services

Preparing for trade shows

A trade show is meant to showcase and demonstrate new products and services within an industry. When you have members of the press, as well as members of your trade as well as the general public, at some trade shows, you really need to make a strong impact. Of course your company or product is very important, but it’s making people notice it which is really key.

When you’re already investing in space rental, travel and accommodations, it makes sense to invest appropriately in the design and construction of the trade show booth. Starmedia can help you get the best design for your money by finding the right path for your display, and help you decide what size of display best suits your needs. As a full-service advertising agency, we can also help with other promotional materials such as brochures or presentation folders, as well as guiding you which trade shows may be coming up in your industry that you want to promote your company in.

Don’t wait for the last minute

If you’re thinking of entering a trade show a season or two away, it’s a good idea to get in touch today. This will help you judge what sort of investment is required to get a high quality final product, and you’ll avoid any rush charges for printing or shipping of your trade show display. We can create a design that fits with your existing company brand, or if you have no company look, we can suggest one for you.

We can design or redesign your logo and stationery, as well as other promotional materials from informative print materials to items as seemingly minor as a coffee mug, but which people will remember you for. It’s important to have all of these designs work seamlessly together to create a strong brand. Let Starmedia push your image to the next level for your next trade show!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Quiet On The Set

With the wealth of marketing tools at our fingertips these days, the classics are often overlooked. It's true that radio is seeing tough times these days, and billboard ads are not the most cost-effective means of advertising for most people's purposes. Video, on the other hand, has a myriad of purposes, from corporate videos to television commercials to more unique purposes like presentations and as part of a website.

When beginning work on any sort of video production, it is a good idea to think of the "why" of your project before you start looking into the "how." An advertising agency is able to help you decide what the best approach is to your video. Should it be one minute or 5? Should it be serious or whimsical? Should it be informative or slick...or both?

The other point to balance in video work is to find creative people who can give their unique aesthetic when that is the look required, or to find people who are capable of recreating a particular look when the need arises to mimic a pre-existing style. You may want a very dramatic feel for a video and be looking for someone to look to the Moulin Rouge movie for inspiration. When you have a specific vision for a project, it is always recommended that you provide as much information and inspiration as possible. It's rare to have a finished product that looks exactly the way you pictured it, but the usual goal is to get it most of the way to the original expectations, then make it even a bit better than the original vision.

The key to getting any project done on time and on budget is finding a strong team that can handle everything. As soon as you begin dealing with one team for the shooting of a video and another unrelated team for the editing of a video, in addition to all of the other tasks involved, accountability is lost completely. Timelines can become delayed, and blame gets deferred from team to team.

Get an experienced company that can handle every facet of your video production. Get the results you're looking for. The success of video lies in its succinct and engaging nature.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

StarMedia Case Study: CHRD

At the StarMedia Advertising Agency, the client is always the number one priority. We've worked with clients regionally, nationally and internationally. Through the relationships we foster with our clients, we act as brand and advertising stewards, consistently and creatively producing solutions so that our clients can reap the results.

Here is the Case Study of the Cree Human Resource Development, one of our clients we have been working with in the last year;

The unemployment rate for the Cree population is around 25%, out of a labor force of 7,500. This number is particularly high, well above the federal and provincial averages. This unemployment rate doubles in the 15-24 age demographic.

The CHRD was designed to give the Cree, especially this large segment of jobless youth greater access to the proper resources to find employment. The CHRD wanted to enliven their materials. At Starmedia, our job was to create a strong visual product, well organized for ease of use. With the rich visual tradition in which the Cree culture is steeped, we thought it best to incorporate traditional motifs into a modern look of the CHRD, which would appeal to the Cree labor force.

Designing the CHRD materials became an interesting proposal for Starmedia design. It was our first experience working with the native Cree language, Iiyiyuu ayiimuun. In fact the materials were trilingual as French and English featured as well. The blend of these three languages required smooth lines and carefully modulated colors.

The colors for the material were selected through extensive research of the Cree traditions, and application of this new knowledge to the psychology of color: The greens express the northern boreal forest evoking growth, discovery, and respect. The burnt umbers and oranges of the autumn hearken the fall when folk tales and legends were told in the community. Red was used as a symbol for strength and courage. All of these colors correspond to the deep white background, suggesting the frozen tundra and winterscapes of the northern Quebec climate.

To see more please visit the CHRD Case Study or see other Case Studies on Our Clients page.