Monday, April 14, 2008

Quiet On The Set

With the wealth of marketing tools at our fingertips these days, the classics are often overlooked. It's true that radio is seeing tough times these days, and billboard ads are not the most cost-effective means of advertising for most people's purposes. Video, on the other hand, has a myriad of purposes, from corporate videos to television commercials to more unique purposes like presentations and as part of a website.

When beginning work on any sort of video production, it is a good idea to think of the "why" of your project before you start looking into the "how." An advertising agency is able to help you decide what the best approach is to your video. Should it be one minute or 5? Should it be serious or whimsical? Should it be informative or slick...or both?

The other point to balance in video work is to find creative people who can give their unique aesthetic when that is the look required, or to find people who are capable of recreating a particular look when the need arises to mimic a pre-existing style. You may want a very dramatic feel for a video and be looking for someone to look to the Moulin Rouge movie for inspiration. When you have a specific vision for a project, it is always recommended that you provide as much information and inspiration as possible. It's rare to have a finished product that looks exactly the way you pictured it, but the usual goal is to get it most of the way to the original expectations, then make it even a bit better than the original vision.

The key to getting any project done on time and on budget is finding a strong team that can handle everything. As soon as you begin dealing with one team for the shooting of a video and another unrelated team for the editing of a video, in addition to all of the other tasks involved, accountability is lost completely. Timelines can become delayed, and blame gets deferred from team to team.

Get an experienced company that can handle every facet of your video production. Get the results you're looking for. The success of video lies in its succinct and engaging nature.


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